Startup JOGO revolutionizes football with a smart app for better player development

Startup JOGO revolutionises football with a smart app for better player development

Can you imagine the smartphone becoming a vital tool in our football talent development? Soon this could be the norm. The Dutch startup JOGO launched a free football app in November, which children can use to train like pros and gain real insight into their development curve. The app also analyses players’ data to give them personalized improvement points, empowering clubs and trainers to effectively develop a player. “Objective player data is the future.” 

The JOGO app is now available on iOS and Android

‘There is a clear need for objective data in football development’

“Clubs scout talents based on subjective opinions and train them without objective data. It’s exemplary for the core problem in youth development: insights are based on impressions rather than facts”, says David Dwinger, founder of JOGO. “JOGO gives players the chance to work effectively, regardless of their circumstances and background: On an individual level, at any time, with their own data.” 

The app tracks a players’ performance during training and/or matches, interprets it, and translates it into tailor-made improvement suggestions, in full alignment with JOGO’s motto: track, analyze, improve. This is something that does not (yet) happen often enough, especially in youth development.

Moreover, factual, objective data allows all parties involved in a players’ development to fully blossom. “Our smart app hands clubs and trainers more useful insights, while allowing players to reach their full potential. Objective player data is the future”.

Free and easy to use app

The free and easy-to-use JOGO app allows youngsters to perfect their game based on over 200 data points. The data collection is done by state-of-the-art technology (e.g. AI, MV, sensor-tech), and includes critical parameters that are not typically tracked at the youth level (e.g. speed, acceleration, ball-touches, leg distribution, EQ and IQ). The result is a complete, 360° view of every individual’s progress.

The system automatically creates personalized recommendations and workouts for each player to boost their skills and aptitudes based on the available data. “As if you always have your own personal trainer available”, says Dwinger with a smile. Simultaneously, clubs and trainers have enough data to compare their players via various benchmarks and push them to greater heights. 

The app has been welcomed with open arms

The football community has well-received JOGO. Many football clubs and academies, national and international, have responded positive. Some are already using the innovative football platform to ramp up their players’ skills. “We give trainers an extra tool to work with and gather additional insights into their players. Aspects that previously remained underexposed, simply because they could not or were not measured, are now available for the general public. JOGO changed that”, Dwinger explains the success. 

About JOGO

Founded in 2020, JOGO quickly built a great team with broad football, technology, and data science experience. Our knowledge, network and understanding of youth development places us in a unique position to revolutionize the world of football with state-of-the-art technology.

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