Jop van der Linden X JOGO

Jop van der Linden’s success story

“Giving each player the attention they need”

More and more football players, clubs and academies worldwide have embraced JOGO as the way to move forward. Former Dutch football player, Jop van der Linden is one of the early adopters of this new way of training and development. He sees JOGO as a valuable asset for his football school. With JOGO, I can give each player the attention they need and deserve. On and off the pitch.

Jop van der Linden throughout his career

Football, fitness and personal training

Van der Linden started his football school shortly after his days as a professional footballer came to an end. He wanted to use the experience and knowledge gained throughout the years at teams such as AZ Alkmaar, Vitesse and Sydney FC, to help ambitious youth players in their development.

“A proper functional technique is the foundation for any youth player, but at the same time, their biggest shortcoming. I am happy to help them boost their technical abilities through tailor-made exercises”, explains Van der Linden. The football coach also got a personal trainer degree to showcase his knowledge of physical training. “As a professional footballer, you learn a lot about your body and how to get the most out of it. But as a certified personal trainer, I can support that practical knowledge through theory and guide players no matter their needs.”

Challenges of a trainer

Van der Linden is a passionate football trainer who loves the game and is always looking for new ways to boost his players’ development. However, through traditional methods, he often had to work harder to manage all his players since he only saw them on the field and had no control over their progression off the pitch. Understanding each player’s individual needs and providing them with personalised improvement suggestions is not an easy task when you have several players to manage during a one-hour training session.

Van der Linden also struggled to find an efficient way to communicate with his players. “I normally communicated with players using email or WhatsApp, but that wasn’t ideal. Especially the sharing of video exercises was a pain, let alone giving feedback”, explains the former centre-back.

When JOGO’s COO Frank Zaal, his old team manager at AZ Alkmaar, reached out to him to start using a new innovative football platform, he was more than interested in giving it a go. “Once our platform went live, I knew who to call. I had seen that Jop had started his football school and I just knew he would love to work with our product, and it would add more value to his players.”, reveals Frank Zaal.

Balanced individual needs and improved efficiency

The JOGO trainer dashboard makes it possible for Van der Linden to offer his players extra homework in the form of physical and technical workouts, so-called skill assignments. “I used to struggle a bit with managing my attention for each player because I only saw them on the field, but now I can give them the attention they need and deserve. On and off the pitch.”

JOGO also gives him a better way to communicate with his players. This way, he can offer personal guidance when his ‘students’ are not physically at his school – in total alignment with its motto ‘it’s easier to achieve your goals with a personal approach’.

“The platform is a unique training tool, but also a great way of communication. I can easily share and give feedback on skill assignments based on video data, thus seeing progress over time”, motivates Van der Linden. “It helps me focus better on the individual development of a player, the essential details. That’s a real asset. I already notice players profiting from the individual feedback I give on their workouts.”

The way forward

As an early adopter, Van der Linden has already benefited a lot from JOGO, and he is looking to a successful future with the innovative talent development platform. The ambitious trainer is not only a proud user but also one of the first brand ambassadors. “I believe that JOGO is the way forward and should be used more broadly in youth football, so I’m happy to drive its development even further. I’m sure even better things will follow.”

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