JOGO kicks off its own ‘American Dream’ by teaming up with the USA Futbol Association. The federation will promote and introduce the talent development platform in the United States, especially in Futbol, the small-sided football versions of Futsal and Soccer 7 (Seven-a-side football).

“The JOGO and USA FA partnership is an exciting development in the world of Futbol. The technology, data and statistics that JOGO offers to players and coaches, as well as its level of detail and commitment, is second to none”, says Mark E. Brown, founder of the USA FA. “To be able to team up with JOGO and improve players from youth to adult is at the core of what we stand for in our drive to develop the small-sided sport of Futbol in the USA!” 

The first U.S. partnership of its kind will support JOGO in gaining a firm foothold in the North American market. “We’re excited to have USA FA as our first partner in the United States of America and are sure it will be beneficial for the both of us. The partnership will give USA FA a powerful tool to empower the Futbol community on home soil and us more visibility and chances to roll out JOGO in North America”, states JOGO’s Marketing & Growth Lead Laura Du Ry.

About USA FA

The USA Futbol Association was born out of the love for the sport of Futbol and the necessity to popularise the small-sided modalities of Futsal and Soccer 7 on home soil. The foundation has strategic affiliations with the World Futsal Association (AMF) and the International Football Association 7, IFA7, and teams on all levels: from local to pro and national teams that compete on behalf of the F.A.

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