JOGO X Jonger Oranje

JOGO X Jonger Oranje

JOGO is happy to announce that it will be partnering with Jonger Oranje. The well-known organizer of football events across the Netherlands is happy to use JOGO’s platform for all its members, providing them with an extra communication tool.

During the season the football events for talent scouting will take place across the Netherlands, with over 10.000 sign-ups, Jonger Oranje is the biggest football events organizer in the Netherlands for young talents to showcase their skills. 

The partnership fits like a glove, JOGO will fill a gap in Jonger Oranje’s communication towards their youthful players, and add value to their events by providing extra training exercises for home, and JOGO gets to reach many young players who can benefit from using the app.

“With JOGO we have found a suitable partner with whom we can meet the wishes and needs of the Jonger Oranje participants even more. Using their platform, we can set out different video exercises per age category and communicate with our players, before, during, and after the events. We will start using JOGO in the coming weeks, prior to the start of the events. During the May holiday, each player participating in a Jonger Oranje Talent Day will also be able to use JOGO on the field. We look forward to taking the next step in the development of all Jonger Oranje participants.” States Joey Koetsier, Jonger Oranje’s director.

Joey Koetsier, Jonger Oranje’s director.

JOGO will be present at each event to showcase the talent development app for players and look for potential JOGO players to join the team. Frank Zaal, COO at JOGO, is excited about the collaboration:  “With so many young and ambitious players in one place, the Jonger Oranje Talent Days are a perfect opportunity for JOGO to introduce young players to the new way of training. We are also very excited to see Jonger Oranje use JOGO to communicate and reach players before, and after the events, something that does not happen at the moment.” 

The fact that Jonger Oranje has embraced the platform is a great opportunity, JOGO’s COO hopes to see other established events and clinic organisers around the world follow: “We are making communication possible which otherwise was nonexistent, a major game-changer for anyone trying to reach their players off the pitch.”

About Jonger Oranje

Since 2007, Jonger Oranje has been organizing football events and clinics for girls and boys, between the age of 5 and 18, with a football dream; to become a professional footballer. Since then multiple players have been successfully scouted at the Jonger Oranje Talent Days by clubs from Dutch professional leagues Jonger Oranje has grown out to be a concept in the Netherlands.

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