JOGO X Improtech Soccer

JOGO X Improtech Soccer

JOGO is excited to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with Improtech Soccer, the ‘leaders of Football Education’ in the UK’s North East.

JOGO will provide Improtech Soccer with its data-driven talent development platform, ensuring that all young players who attend this famous in-school development program have better chances at becoming professional football players.

Improtech coaches will receive access to JOGO’s first-class sensors to track and analyze their players’ growth. Simultaneously, the trainer dashboard enables them to send tailor-made assignments directly to their players through the JOGO app.

“We’re delighted to commence our partnership with JOGO. We believe that their cutting edge platform and sensor technology is going to add significant value to the technical development of our players”, Improtech Soccer Director Martin Scott says happily. 

“Improtech Soccer has a similar approach to football development as us. Rather than just practice, we’re about the best practice; rather than just training, it’s about training in the most effective way possible. This partnership is, therefore, the perfect match”, concludes David Dwinger, founder of JOGO.

About Improtech Soccer

Former football player Martin Scott founded Improtech Soccer as an in-school development program that focuses on improving talented players in the most effective way possible by ensuring a player’s technical development in a friendly, supportive environment. Each Improtech Soccer player is an individual project for their coaches. All coaches are tasked to equip them with the tools required to realize their full potential.

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