JOGO sets foot in Denmark with partnership will team up with JOGO to support and empower young footballers in the region of Skanderborg to accelerate their development. “We hope to contribute to their talent development in the coming years and raise the level of Danish football even higher.”

The academy of has been at the center of youth development in and around Skanderborg since 2015, inspiring, motivating, and educating the youth football community. Through cooperation with more than ten local clubs, 250 boys and girls with ages ranging between 13-18 years old get the chance to ramp up their football skills alongside experienced trainers. tries to deliver at least one footballer a year to the highest division of Denmark—the ultimate dream of many of the young players in the academy. “It’s awesome that we can contribute to the dream of so many youth players. But to be fair, the academy is about more than reaching the top-level”, explains Academy Director Rasmus Skibsted Sørensen. “Seeing footballers learn, develop, and passing these lessons on to peers is incredibly valuable. JOGO’s platform gives us some much-needed extra tools to develop them.”

The partnership gives full access to the data-driven JOGO platform and all its benefits. The academy coaches will get more insights into the development and, probably just as important, the individual development needs of their players. 

“We’re looking forward to implementing JOGO across our academy”, says Sørensen. “We’ve tested the skill assignments in the app with our players, and they loved them. The added value for both the academy and players is not just training at home, but also the football-focused integrated communication features that the app offers.”

JOGO’s Director of Business Development, James O’Neill, is also happy with the new partnership: “We’re excited to start our journey within the Danish football market and partner with We hope to contribute to their talent development in the coming years and raise the level of Danish football even higher.” is one of the many football academies that have shown great interest in the JOGO sensors, which will soon be available. The smart insole sensors will give players and their coaches even more reliable insights into their technical and physical performance. “We can’t wait to start using the sensors in our academy. We’re sure it will give a whole extra dimension to talent development.” 

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