JOGO X CD Lealtad

JOGO X CD Lealtad

JOGO is teaming up with CD Lealtad in a brand new partnership. The centenary football club from Villaviciosa, which plays in the Segunda División B (third tier), will be the first Spanish club to revolutionize the future of football through data and technology. 

CD Lealtad will use the data-driven development platform to strengthen its youth academy, the lifeline of the club. Youth trainers will apply JOGO in addition to their training to get a better understanding of their players, but also to give them homework. They can also use the trainer dashboard to send out personalized skill assignments as extra workouts via the JOGO players app. 

David Dwinger, founder of JOGO, commented on the partnership: “We’re thrilled to have CD Lealtad as our first Spanish partner. A football club with a rich history and a promising youth academy. With the help of JOGO the latter will get even better.”Luis Ángel Vázquez, executive vicepresident at CD Lealtad de Villaviciosa, is certain that the collaboration with JOGO will be a good push to the Club’s football strategy:
“We’re delighted to bring on board JOGO’s platform for training development. We believe it’s a big step forward for our academy in order for the coaches to get closer to our players and to assist them in their personal football improvement”. 

About CD Lealtad

Club Deportivo Lealtad is a Spanish football team from Villaviciosa (Asturias), who plays its home games at Les Caleyes. Founded in 1916 by a group of young people, the Negrillos (Blacks) promoted from the regional leagues to the Segunda Division B – Group 2, the third tier in Spanish football. It shows that with hard work – one of the pillars of success of Leales (The Loyals) – nothing is impossible in football.

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