JOGO X Bloomsbury Football Academy

JOGO launches partnership with Bloomsbury Football Academy

We’re delighted to announce that we recently partnered with Bloomsbury Football Academy (BFA), who provides ‘the best football experience for talented, young players in Central London’. JOGO empowers BFA in their mission to reach their youngsters’ full potential, starting with the U15 team. 

The partnership gives Bloomsbury Football Academy full access to the all-inclusive JOGO platform and all its benefits. BFA-coaches can now equip their players with JOGO’s sensors to effectively track, analyse, and improve their development. 

At the same time, they can use the coach dashboard to send out skill assignments to their teams, in addition to their proprietary training sessions. Players will receive these tasks directly to their smartphones through the free JOGO app. This way, they can boost their skills anywhere, at any time. 

Bloomsbury Football Academy was founded in 2017 and has since established itself as an essential pillar in the Central London community. BFA uses football’s power to improve young people’s lives by providing and upholding the highest coaching level to give them a fair chance to reach their goals. Whether that’s kicking the ball for the first time or signing for a Premier League club, players receive all the support required inside BFA’s facilities. ‘From their first goals to their life goals, we’re here to support them’, is the simple yet telling motto of the highly-ranked football academy.

Charlie Hyman, director and founder of Bloomsbury Football Academy, is sure the cooperation with JOGO will prove to be a real asset to this mission: 

“We’re really excited to start working with JOGO. We believe the platform and the app will have a great impact on our players’ development.”

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