JOGO turns one!

JOGO celebrates today its first anniversary! On the 24th ofApril 2020, I started this company with merely an ambitious mission to revolutionise our youth football and a unique team full of sports, data and tech fanatics. Fast forward one year, FIFA is interested in testing our data-driven development platform. We’re in extensive talks with big-name football holding companies and have 45 clubs on board, ranging from amateurs to Champions League participants.

The idea was born out of the need for objective, relevant data to effectively help youth players pursue their football dreams. Suppose there is one thing I’ve noticed as a passionate football father: players are entirely dependent on what they receive throughout their development process. With an exceptional trainer they can make significant progress, but not many players have access to one and thus work in suboptimal conditions. 

Knowing a youth player’s data is great, but what you do with it is what counts the most. With JOGO, we don’t want to offer clubs and players just plain data to interpret themselves, but clear solutions: personalised improvement suggestions based on sports and data science knowledge. The smart JOGO app, allows youth players to track their progress at every given time—during home practice, training sessions, and matches. Combining that with insole sensors gives an unprecedented level of insight into a player’s development needs.  

What started as an ambitious idea in April 2020 has turned into a unique product that the football world has widely accepted. Clubs and federations often reach out instead of vice versa, which confirms JOGO’s value and potential. That’s the result of our talented team and innovative product, along with an excellent network, which makes us truly one of a kind.

We had a great first year and are ready to work harder to revolutionise the world of football. We want to expand our horizons and achieve new partnerships, both with clubs and innovative companies in sports. We also want to launch JOGO for Countries where every country gets a national coach who offers youth players tailor-made training through our app and gives them the chance to play in the national JOGO selection of their country.

An anniversary without gifts wouldn’t be an actual anniversary. So starting today, we’ll be giving our mobile app and trainer dashboard away free of charge to football federations worldwide on the condition that they share JOGO with all their football clubs and youth players. This way, we help every player, regardless of their level or background, to pursue their football dream. They only need to download the JOGO app to their mobile phones and be ready to optimise their training. We want to advance football in the broadest sense in the coming years!

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David Dwinger, founder of JOGO 
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