JOGO raises €2 million for its innovative football talent development platform

JOGO raises €2 million for its innovative football talent development platform

JOGO announced today the completion of another seed funding round, which brings the total investment in the data-driven talent development platform to €2 million. The Dutch startup will use the funds to accelerate its growth and move up a gear in its ambition to revolutionize youth development in football. “We want to empower youth footballers worldwide to reach their true potential.” 

JOGO has created a data-driven development platform to enhance youth footballers to fully blossom and give football clubs and trainers more valuable insights to support them on this journey. With the free-to-use JOGO app – available on iOS and Android  – players can work effectively on their technical, physical and cognitive skills.

Securing €2 million in investments is an essential milestone for the Dutch startup and a validation that the innovative youth development platform is on the right track to revolutionize youth development in football.

“We are happy to announce that we’ve secured another round of funding”, JOGO founder David Dwinger comments on the latest successful investment round. “This is yet again a confirmation for myself and my team that we are on the right track. It feels good to have investors put faith in our company and our ambitious project.” 

JOGO has only been around since April 2020 but has already made quite an impact on the football community. Many clubs and academies, national and international, use the talent development platform to ramp up their players’ skills. JOGO plans to use the funding to expand its market further and bring the youth development platform to more clubs, academies and players worldwide.

“We have reached many milestones the past eleven months, yet there is even more to come”, Dwinger continues. “We will be using the funding to strengthen the team and to start international strategic partnerships to enable us to grow even further. Strategic partnerships are an integral part of JOGO’s journey, so we’re always interested in expanding our horizons with new partners. We want to empower youth footballers worldwide to reach their true potential.” 

In complete alignment with the company’s motto – track, analyze, improve – the smart app hands clubs and trainers in-depth data into a players’ development. The JOGO app tracks a players’ performance during training and/or matches, interprets it and translates it through an AI engine into personalized improvement suggestions. Many customers see JOGO as the perfect tool for remote training as it allows players to train and boost their game outside the pitch as well. A significant benefit, especially during a global pandemic.

“One of the many features of JOGO is that it gives players the chance to work remotely on an individual level with their own data. Whenever, wherever”, Dwinger explains. “But we already saw an increased demand in this ‘new way of training’ before Covid hit us. The pandemic just gave the market a little push.” 

To promote remote training and push the market even more, JOGO offers now a freemium model for trainers. They can create an account for free on and get familiar with this new technology. Players can already download the JOGO app for free through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

About JOGO

Founded in April 2020, JOGO quickly built a great team with broad football, technology, and data science experience. Our knowledge, network and understanding of youth development places us in a unique position to revolutionize the world of football with state-of-the-art technology.

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