JOGO launches campaign on Kickstarter: Step into the future!

31.08.2021, Amstelveen, Netherlands

JOGO launches campaign on Kickstarter: Step into the future! 

The long wait is over: the JOGO sensors are now out on Kickstarter. The Dutch startup is set to transform and revolutionize talent development in soccer for the better. Via the Step into the future campaign, backers can get access to the smart sensors, making it possible for youth players to train like proswith a wide variety of reliable data to boost their game. 

‘Step into the future’ campaign 

JOGO’s Kickstarter campaign is a play on words because the sensors go in an insole, which disappears in cleats, making it a literal step into the future. “The easy-to-use insole sensors make it possible to track a wide variety of player’s data on groundbreaking levels: running speed, acceleration, deceleration, leg distribution, ball possession, shot power, and much more”, explains David Dwinger, CEO and Founder of JOGO. “That contributes to a more detailed understanding of a player’s development curve and improvement needs, which is key to their future success. Our goal is to give youth players the proper tools to reach the pro level.” 

The waterproof and frictionless sensors measure over 200 data points, 1000 times a second, and can easily be used in all weather conditions during training sessions and matches. JOGO is the only company that has this unique feature and meets FIFA’s rules of the game. “After one year of developing the JOGO sensors into a robust, easy-to-use product, we are ready to share them with the world!”, Dwinger continues. “Kickstarter is an excellent way to bring our sensors and overall mission in front of the soccer community and have them help nourish this amazing product with us.”

Filling the gap

Since day one, JOGO has been stepping into the gap between pro-level and grassroots soccer by adding objective data into the mix via its talent development platform. With the introduction of the advanced JOGO sensors, that gap becomes even narrower. The insole sensors allow for more detailed tracking, analysis, and improvement of each player’s game.

By linking the insole sensors with the JOGO app through Bluetooth, the smart app gives users, clubs, and trainers in-depth data and valuable insights into a player’s progress. The JOGO app uses an Artificial Intelligence data engine to analyze performance throughout training and matches, evaluate it, and translate it into tailored improvement suggestions. Individual player results can be compared to benchmark statistics for various age categories, positions, teams, and other players. Clubs and coaches can use this tool to maximize personal growth and set SMART goals based on worldwide standards.

Direct market approach

The need for funding is not the driver for the Step into the future campaign. It’s all about making the product-market fit across borders—starting with the US market, a significant market for any tech startup that is on the rise. “We know we have a winning product that people will pay for”,  says Laura Du Ry, JOGO’s Head of Marketing and ex-professional soccer player (Ajax, Dutch National team). “By bringing our sensors to Kickstarter, directly to the consumer of whom mostly are US-bound, we want to prove that.” 

In that light, the prospects are good. The recently launched promo video for the Step into the future campaign has been received very well. “We’re overwhelmed with positive reactions, and not just within the sports world. It shows that we’re on the right track to transform and revolutionize the future of soccer.” 

About JOGO 

JOGO has been around since April 2020 and has already impacted the soccer community in a short period of time. Our talented team with broad soccer, technology, and data science experience combined with our network and understanding of youth development places us in a unique position to revolutionize the world of soccer with state-of-the-art technology. 

David Dwinger, CEO and Founder of JOGO 


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