JOGO brings its smart insole sensors to Kickstarter.

JOGO brings its smart insole sensors to Kickstarter.

The Dutch soccer startup JOGO will launch an exclusive Kickstarter campaign for its all-inclusive insole sensors. The project offers a great chance for interested parties to be one of the first to own their unique JOGO sensors, which give youth soccer players access to a wide variety of valuable data to help them drive their personal development and thus become better soccer players.

JOGO will be “kickstarting” this project to pre-sell its smart insole sensors via the leading crowdfunding platform and expand its community to receive additional feedback from its direct users. “We’ve carefully designed the JOGO sensors to help us on our road to revolutionizing the world of soccer through more objective data in youth development”, starts David Dwinger, CEO and Founder of JOGO.

“The insole sensors make it possible to track a wide variety of player’s data: running speed, acceleration, leg distribution, shot power, time on the ball, and so much more. That contributes to a more detailed understanding of a player’s development curve and improvement needs, which is key to their success”, Dwinger continues.

Data insights of the jogo insole sensors

Objective data is key

JOGO sees objective data as essential in youth development and has created a data-driven talent development platform to help youth players reach their full potential. At the same time, it gives clubs and trainers more valuable insights to support them on their journey. The JOGO sensors bring an extra layer of reliable data to help better track, analyze, and improve each player’s game. The waterproof insole sensors are lightweight, easy to use, measure up to 200 data points, 1000 times a second, and can be worn in all weather conditions during training as well as matches, which is unique and as per FIFA’s rules of the game. 

After one year of developing the JOGO sensors into a robust, easy-to-use product, we are ready to share them with the world! Kickstarter is an excellent way to bring our sensors and overall mission in front of the soccer community and have them help nourish this amazing product with us“, says Dwinger.


By connecting the insole sensors with the JOGO app via Bluetooth, the smart app hands users as well as clubs and trainers in-depth data and valuable insights into a players’ development. The JOGO app tracks the performance during training and matches, interprets it, and translates it into personalized improvement suggestions through an AI data engine. Trainers can review the individual player results compared to benchmark data for various age groups, positions, teams, and other players. This feature allows clubs and coaches to optimize personal development and set SMART objectives using global standards.

‘New way of training’

Many users, which also include Champions League clubs, see JOGO as the perfect tool for on and off pitch training as it allows players to train and boost their game outside the pitch, as well as on it. A significant benefit, especially during a global pandemic. “One of the many features of JOGO is that it gives players the chance to work remotely on an individual level with their own data. Always, anywhere.” Dwinger explains. “But we already saw an increased demand in this ‘new way of training’ before Covid hit us. The pandemic just gave the market a little push.”


The American dream

The choice for setting up a Kickstarter campaign wasn’t at random, the funding platform finds its origin in the States, a growing soccer market. “When playing in the States I saw player’s ambition around me and experienced firsthand how they worked hard every day to get better, chasing their soccer dream. I know JOGO can accelerate that journey.” So far Laura Du Ry, JOGO’s Head of Marketing and ex-professional soccer player (Ajax, Dutch National team). 

Although the individual player is mainly responsible for success, parents play an important role in a young player’s career, often being the ones supporting their children throughout, something Du Ry knows all too well. “My parents supported me my entire career, including gearing me up with the best equipment they could afford. I know for a fact JOGO sensors would have been part of that gear if available at the time.”

You will soon be able to back up the JOGO sensors on Kickstarter. So keep an eye on the official project launch and join us in our journey to revolutionize the world of youth soccer. 

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