JOGO and Football Webinars launch a podcast for football coaches

Want to hear the best practices and experiences from (youth) football coaches firsthand? Tune in to the podcast Inside The Coaches Room starting on the 10th of August, 2021. This brand-new bi-weekly online show, powered by Football Webinars and JOGO, delivers the most impactful and insightful conversations for and about trainers. The podcast can be listened to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

The podcast idea came from Football Webinars Founder Arend Jan Kranenburg, who already hosts a similar show in Dutch (De Trainerskamer). In the podcast, Kranenburg welcomes a wide variety of experts in the football coaching industry to talk about their experiences in (youth) development. 

According to Kranenburg, sharing knowledge is the key to better development. As a football coach himself, he realized that he learned most from experienced elite coaches he connected with. To make that information accessible to a broader audience, he started Football Webinars. This online platform gives coaches at every level the possibility to learn from experts in the field and join conversations with and for coaches.

Inside The Coaches Room is a different approach for trainers to learn from the best in the football coaching industry. “With the podcast, I hope to inspire ambitious coaches,” Kranenburg explains. “It has always fascinated me to find out how experts in the industry have motivated and developed themselves throughout their careers. This podcast allows me and all listeners to hear these insights firsthand.” 

Inside The Coaches room will be powered by Football Webinars and JOGO. Both companies are known to strive for better talent development in football. JOGO’s COO and former AZ Alkmaar Team Manager Frank Zaal is already looking forward to the first episodes: “I’m a big podcast fan. After seeing top tier coaches at work during my career, it excites me that everyone will be able to learn from the highs and lows in the careers of these professionals.” 

JOGO is an innovative talent development platform that helps youth football players and trainers develop better by adding objective data to the mix. They track and analyze player data using their player app, trainer platform, and insole sensors. To help players fulfill their true potential. 

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