Coming soon: JOGO insole sensors

JOGO insole sensors

The Dutch startup JOGO is currently working on insole sensors for football players worldwide to help them track, analyze and accurately improve their own development. “It’s going to give players insights to work with and clubs and trainers more data to improve the game of their team.” 

The JOGO sensors will be released in the winter of 2021 but are already available for pre-sale on

Next level sensors

The insole sensors are the next step for JOGO to give young footballers worldwide the tools they need to reach their true potential. The sensors will convert all the player’s movements into hard data while also tracking parameters that are not yet adequately monitored on a youth level. “On a professional level, many trackers record GPS, heart rate, covered distance and speed, but they don’t track essential data like time on the ball, ball-touches, and much more. We seek to change that”, states David Dwinger, founder of JOGO. “Our sensors will revolutionize youth football: giving players insights to work with and clubs and trainers more data to improve the game of their team.”  

Players can connect the sensors to their JOGO app to record their technical and physical performances in real-time. At the same time, coaches can access the data through the trainer dashboard. The sensors will track the performance of a player during matches and training sessions. “Our sensors easily fit every boot and can be used without limitations in all workout environments. Even during matches, something that’s not possible with many other external wearables”, Dwinger continues. The sensors have been created in such a way that they won’t need to be removed from the boot after using them. They can be charged using a magnetic USB charger.” But that’s not all: our sensors are also at the lower end of the price range. We want to make a product that is more accessible for everyone to use.”  

Produced in-house

The sensors are so cost-effective because JOGO produces everything in-house. Dwinger: “We decided that it would be best to build the sensors ourselves. We want to make it low-cost, control of the manufacturing process, and make adjustments whenever we need to. We have the expertise and knowledge within our team, so why not use it?”

JOGO’s technicians, lead by embedded engineer Michaël Devid, are currently working on finalizing the JOGO sensors for mass production. “Creating the insole sensor has been a big challenge as it’s a very innovative product. It monitors the youth player in a more systematic way than anything else currently available on the market”, explains Devid, who is assisted by JOGO’s sports science team. “We need data to enable this systematic approach, and this is what the sensor will provide. We’re constantly looking for the perfect way to convert a footballer’s movements into hard data.” 

About JOGO

Founded in April 2020, JOGO quickly built a great team with broad football, technology, and data science experience. Our knowledge, network and understanding of youth development places us in a unique position to revolutionize the world of football with state-of-the-art technology.

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